Plaster types

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How do I make molds?

Plaster types

Glossary of Plaster Casting Materials

Ceramical Plasters

No. 1 Pottery Plaster - Formulated to provide stronger, longer-lasting ceramic slip molds. Standard of the industry.

Duramold Pottery - Compared to No. Pottery Plaster: 10% longer mold life, 28% higher wet compressive strength, 66% stronger dry compressive strength; makes more durable working molds, resulting in lower costs per unit cast.

Puritan Pottery - Slightly denser, longer-wearing mold material. Recommended for jiggering applications.

Ceramical - Low consistency, smooth-wearing mold material for use in ram pressing clay ware. Characteristics include low absorption, high strength, ability to purge easily, resistance to abrasion and wear.

Hydrostone ) - Often substituted for Ceramical in ram pressing applications. For more information see below.



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