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How do I paint Eyes?

Painting the eyeball

When painting the eyeball, be sure to stay within the boundary of the eyelids that are cast in a piece

How do I paint Eyes?

Where to Highlight the iris

It is imperative that the highlight painted in the eye be in the same position in both eyes. If not, your figurine will be cross-eyed.

How do I unclog my stain spray?

Cleaning spray nozzles

The most difficult aspect in using spray fixatives are the clogs that dry in spray mechanisms.
To help eliminate clogs in spray cans, turn the can upside down when finished with a project and push the plunger until only gas is emitted. Wipe off any excess around valve.
You can remove the valve from the top of a stray can for cleaning. A thin wire will clean out the hole.

How do I paint Eyes?

The iris

Part of the iris is covered by the eye lid, usually a part or your original cast piece, therefore, you should consider that you are painting ‘U's' rather than circles.

How do I use sealer?

using a spray sealer

To avoid runs when using a spray sealer, be sure to keep the can moving and not too close to the piece.

How do I paint eyelashes to figurines?

eyelashes on figurines

Thin eyelashes on figurines are hard to make. If you have trouble putting them on with a brush, go ahead and try; then go back over them with your lace tool, scratching away paint to make thin ones.

What are ceramics


Making your own pieces
Oven-bake, air-dry, or polymer clay. These also do not require use of a kiln. They either air-dry or are baked in a standard oven. Due to expense, they are best used for small items such as jewellery, ornaments, etc. The oven and air dry clays are similar in look and feel to normal clay. Polymer clay comes in many bright colours (kind of like play doh!), and can be made into beautiful designs which become plastic-like when fired.

How do I paint Eyes?

Painting eyes

Remember that we rarely see the entire iris part of our own eyes or anyone else's and you should not on figurines either.

What are ceramics

Decorating with paint

1. Decorating already made pieces.
Bisque painting with paints. You can buy bisque pieces, and paint them with acrylic paints and sealer. This will not hold up to functional use as dinnerware, but is fine for decorative pieces. This would make the most sense for someone who can paint intricate designs, or wants to practice such. It takes very little investment, just the bisque pieces, some paints, and a brush. There are books with designs that you can copy if you need inspiration. And every issue Popular Ceramics magazine has projects for painting.

How do I paint Eyes?

Highlights in the eyes

When working on figurines or animals be sure to include the highlights in the eyes. This is a small reflection of light in the iris, to the side of the pupil. It can be added with the tip of a sgrafitto tool, pin or lace tool for a tiny dab of white. Do not allow the white eyeball to show above the iris as this gives a fixed staring expression to the face.

How do I paint Eyes?

Composition of the eye

No matter how well the decoration appears on a finished figurine, poorly painted features will ruin the effect.
It is important to understand the composition of the eye when painting features.

How do I paint Eyes?

Keep eye colours in context

Black and dark brown are fine for lashes and eyebrows but make sure you keep colours in context, a blonde with black lashes and brows, just does not look right.

How do I decorate my ceramics?

Antiquing solvent

Antiquing solvent is marketed under a variety of names, but it usually contains mineral spirits and has no odour.

How do I remove mold lines?

Painting fine feature lines

If you have trouble making fine lines in features, try the end of your lace tool. Tip it in colour and use it like a paint brush or fountain pen.

How do I Print and Apply Decals to Ceramics

Printing on Ceramics

Printing Ceramics

All of us have come into contact with decals -- we see the commercial type every day on mugs, plates and other industrial ceramics. Getting these types of images on to a ceramic work is not necessarily that hard. In this feature I would like to have a brief look at some of the issues involved.......

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How do I paint Eyes?

Producing good eyes

Producing good eyes is greatly enhanced when you know how to handle your brushes correctly

How do I paint Eyes?

Iris portions of eyes

Iris portions of eyes are painted over a white eyeball so be sure the white is dry before applying

How do I antique concrete?

Antiquing concrete

An antiquing substance for concrete: is a green moss type effect, achieved by placing 50 gms of copper carbonate or 25 gms of copper oxide with 2 ltrs of natural yogurt. Over time the copper and yogurt will coat the statue in a moss-type substance, after a couple of months you can wash the statue and it will continue to look old. An overload of copper oxide ie 500 gms to 2 ltrs of yogurt will produce black.

How do I repair paint to figurines?

Figurines paint repair

Fingernail polish can be used to add a bit of colour to those areas on a finished figurine that you may have missed. Remember, however, that this type of polish has a high sheen so be sure that is what you want before you use it.

Can I do ceramics as a hobby?

Hobby Ceramics

Although labor intensive and hardware intense, ceramics can still make a wonderful hobby. Check with your local college, junior college or adult education center and take a course in throwing pots or in hobby ceramics and get a feel for whether this hobby is right for you. If it is, look for a gently used pottery wheel and a local kiln you can use and get started! There is nothing like finding a hobby to give you the creative outlet you need.

How do I paint Eyes?

Highlight the iris

Your eye is not complete without adding a highlight to the iris. This gives a twinkle to the eye and the impression of looking in a certain direction as well.

Are stains safe.

Applying sealer

Before applying any sealer, be sure that the piece to be coated is free of any foreign debris, as it will become a part of your finished piece if allowed to remain.

How do I paint Eyes?

Adding an iris

Before adding an iris to your eyes, decide which way the figurine will be looking and paint the iris slightly left or right in that direction in both eyes.

How do I paint Eyes?

The pupil

The pupil in an eye is always solid black.

How do I paint Eyes?

A painted iris

A painted iris is a circle of colour surrounded by a slightly darker circle of the same colour

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