Packing your ceramics

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How do I pack my ceramics?

Packing your ceramics

1. Wrap the pieces individually in several layers of bubble wrap. 2. Get a box for each individual work, with a couple of inches space to spare all-round. Make sure the bases are already securely taped up. 3. Place a snugly fitting piece of Styrofoam on the bottom of the chosen box and lay a wrapped artwork on it. 4. Cut to size walls of one inch Styrofoam and insert them into the sides of the box. 5. Fill the empty spaces on the sides and on top with extra Styrofoam pellets, shredded paper or another filling material. Make sure all spaces are filled properly. 6. Place another piece of custom cut Styrofoam on top. 7. Close the lid on the box and tape it up securely. 8. Take this box and place it in another larger larger box, placing custom cut one inch Styrofoam pieces on the top, bottom and all sides, so you get a snug fit. 9. Place a sheet of paper with the name of the recipient and the sender (you) inside this box. 10. Tape up securely. 11. Label outside with with sender and recipient.



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