Studio planning/design

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Where should I place my Fire extinguishers ?

Studio planning/design

A studio or workshop, whether in an educational institution or for private use, needs to be planned with factors including the following taken into account:1.Clear lines or avenues of access and egress (exit) and access to emergency services (fire extinguisher, shower, eye-wash, first aid cabinet, etc). 2.provision and location of emergency facilities as necessary. 3. Choice of surfaces and finishes-floor covering, bench tops, walls etc. Keeping in mind the need for easy cleaning of work areas to reduce hazards, (eg. Hose or wet mop the floor in some types of studios where dust is a problem). 4. Provision of adequate and suitable safe storage (eg. Chemical storage, clay, paper, canvasses, tools, electrical equipment etc.) 5. Safe disposal of wastes, including chemical waste. 6. Natural and artificial lighting and the control of glare and shadows. 7.Noise minimization.
8.Thermal comfort. 9. Ergonomic requirements (height of work benches, type of seating etc.) 10. Ventilation requirements (general, dilution and local exhaust). 11.Separation of wet and dry, clean and dirty, noisy and quiet activities in the workplace.



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