The Cheap Method

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What Precautions when using dry ingredients?

The Cheap Method

The following is a minimally dusty method to recycle clay trimmings and other clay scrap. (This does not mean that you can skimp on safety devices, put that mask back on!) While your clay scrap is still moist, roll it into thumb thickness coils and place it on a tray to dry. Remove the tray from your studio area (like a garage), or place it in an area that has very little air movement. The key is not to create an exposure to the finest clay dusts - they are the ones most readily moved into room air and these dusts are the most hazardous to your lungs. Read On: Clay Recycling D.I.Y. = The Cheap Method



6/30/2006 12:32:26 PM
gladys said:

i use my scraps to make leaf impressions, with cutters and leaves. waste not want not i always say. and the scraps from that i throw away, very little


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