Basic slab

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How do I make a textured slab?

Basic slab

One of the easiest techniques a potter incorporates, this technique is used for a multitude of purposes....from a basic flop moulded bowl to intricate formed plaster relief slabs that are then made into boxes or sculptures.(See the work of Gabrielle Schitzenbaumer). The simplest method of rolling slabs is of course a slab roller, if you have access to one, but most of us use the rolling pin method. A large rolling pin is needed without moving parts. Also 2 wooden boards 1 inch wide x 1cm thick, these are used as a rolling guide. Cut a piece of clay from your block, pace a cloth over a flat surface(this stops the clay from sticking to the surface) and roll from the centre outward, then turn the slab over and procced as before.....repeat this process until the clay slab is approx 1.5 cm thick. Place roller guides on either side of slab approx 1cm from the sides and roll flat. Your slab is now ready to use!



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