10 Oxide Experiments

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What are oxides?

10 Oxide Experiments

Here are 10 ways to experiment with oxides.
1. Brush oxides on greenware, bisque and/or glaze.
2. Make some slip and add some oxides to create colors. To get more uniform colors mix well.
To get more random, blotchy colors don't mix too well.
3. Brush oxide wash over an unfired glaze, then fire. Be very careful when handling as you may smudge the oxide.
4.. Brush oxides on, then apply glaze. Best to dip or spray to avoid brushing the oxide off (and if dipping, best to put some glaze aside so oxide doesn't contaminate your whole batch of glaze.)
Generally the stronger the oxide wash, the more it will bleed through the glaze.
* Both 2 and 3 works well with Opulence glazes, and many of the other glazes. Where specified by the manufacturer this is explained on the label.
5. Mix ball clay with your oxide/water. Is reported to gives a better consistency and tones down the color.
6. Brush a couple different oxides on, overlapping in areas.
7. Sgraffito. Brush on oxide. When dry, scratch with a sharp tool through the oxide to show the clay underneath. Cover with transparent or translucent glaze. Or do the same thing with oxide over unfired glaze.
8. Spatter wax on the surface, and paint the oxide wash over that.
9. Use other masking techniques, such as torn, wet newspaper, and paint an oxide wash over it.
10. Sprinkle a variety of different oxides on a newspaper. Place leather hard objects onto the oxide mixture (for example, a piece of tile). Or use a piece of Styrofoam or a sponge to pick up the oxide and transfer it to your piece. Keep the pattern as it lands, or smear it around. In this bisque and apply glazes; the oxides will still interact with the glazes when fired together.



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