Layering glazes

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How do I apply glaze?

Layering glazes

Some of the most interesting effects can be obtained by layering glazes. Try dipping an already glazed pot part of the way into another glaze. This greatly increases the chance of the glaze running, so don't try to doubling up the glaze all the way to the bottom of the pot. The best results usually come from trying a matt glaze over a gloss glaze. If the first layer of glaze isn't good and dry before applying the second, there is a good chance the glaze will crawl. A piece of bisque can only absorb so much water before it becomes saturated, so let it dry first. Anytime you notice the glaze cracking or peeling, it's probably too thick, so you're best off washing all the glaze off and starting over. Keep in mind that the glaze that falls off your piece can land on somebody else's and ruin it also.



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