History of the wheel

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How do I attach a bat to the wheelhead?

History of the wheel

Egypt is credited with being the place of origin of the potter's wheel. It was here that the tuntable shaft was lengthened about 3000BC. and a flywheel added. The flywheel was kicked and later was moved by pulling the edge with the left hand whilst forming the clay with the right. This led to the anti-clockwise motion for the potter's wheel which is almost universal. Only in parts of Japan and in parts of India was a clockwise motion used.
The clockwise wheel evolved from the use of a flywheel as wheel-head which was motivated by a hand-held stick located in notches near the edge. Holding the stick at its top end in the left hand and locating the other end in a notch the right hand is used to pull the stick towards one. When the wheel is truning sufficiently one can begin throwing. The wheel has to be given periodic impetus during the throwing of a pot.



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