Attaching pulled handles

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Attaching pulled handles

Attaching pulled handles:
Once all handles are pulled and firmed, (approx.1/2 hr), they are ready to attach. I will describe this process as connecting to a mug, though it is the same procedure no matter the form.

1. Take handle and flatten the large end with a flat piece of wood ie ruler, wooden spoon back.
2. With a fork or other tool cross hatch both the flattened end of the handle and the point on the pot you wish to attach the handle, with an old toothbrush, wet these areas with water or slip.
3. Attach the hatched end to the pot and press and wiggle it gently until you feel adhesion
4. Pick up the pot and hold arm extended as when pulling the handle, and continue pulling in the same way until desired thickness, squeeze off any excess clay and join other end to pot by pushing into place.
5. Leave upside down to dry.

Note: Handles dry faster than ware,
so keep them covered with plastic or put on ware board with all handles facing inward.



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