How to make a slab box

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How do I make a slab box?

How to make a slab box

Slab box:
After rolling your slab, and you can roll with a pattern by simply placing leaves or a
crocheted cotton tablecloth or such like ove the clay and roll gently but firmly, this will
give a textured slab. Leave the slab to become firm, approx 1 hr.
While waiting, make a template of the shape you are aiming for (be as precise as
possible as it makes the job a lot easier in the long run.)
Place the templates on the slab and cut around them with a sharp knife and a ruler as
a guide.
Each side that is to be joined must be bevilled to a 45degree angle.....this is achieved
by placing a ruler approx .5 of a cm in from the edge and cutting at that angle to the
table surface.
All edges to be joined have to be crosshatched with a fork, so they are rough, apply
slurry or water with a toothbrush and firmly press the sides together. roll a thin coil,
dip it into water and gently apply it over the join then smooth. Continue in this way
until all sides are joined and you have a hollow cube, leave it to become leather hard
when you are satisfied with the form.
With a sharp knife cut the top off the form, keeping in mind to mark one side so you
know which way the lid goes back on. clean the edges. and make small balls of clay
to press into the corners of the lid, and go down into the box as the lid fasteners.
You have made a slab box, leave it to dry thoroughly and it is ready for bisquing!



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