Kiln Sitter tips

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How do I fire an electric kiln?

Kiln Sitter tips

Since a kiln sitter works by gravity, it is important for the kiln to be level.
Kiln sitters can drift and need to be calibrated periodically.
People often find that they need to put a slightly higher cone number in the kiln sitter to get the kiln to fire to the correct temperature. For example, to achieve a cone 6 inside the kiln, they must use a cone 7 in the kiln sitter. You will experiment with this for your individual kiln. The firing log will assist you.
Note: a kiln sitter does not assist in turning up the kiln, just in turning it off.
A little kiln wash dabbed on the top of new cone supports greatly reduces the chance of a cone sticking to the new metal (which may cause your kiln to over or under fire).



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