How to Recycle clay

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How do I Recycle Clay

How to Recycle clay

1. Dry out all your old clay and keep it in a bag for recycling until you are ready.
2. Tip all the dried clay into a bucket and fill up to the top level with water. (Wear a dust mask).
3. Let soak for a few hours (best overnight).
4. The clay should have a soft consistency - slushy that is! Add more water if necessary.
5. If available, mix the soft clay with a drill mixer attachment. (Sometimes available in hardware stores).
6. Tip out the soft clay onto a large plaster bat for drying out.
7. When the bottom half has dried a bit, turn over.
8. When the clay has the right overall consistency, cut up into small chunks and wedge.
9. To homogenize the clay more, cut up and intermix different chunks and wedge again.



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