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How do I start a business?


Size is another factor to consider when choosing your place. Small studios are usually about 600 square feet. Large studios are approximately 3000. Most are generally between 1500-2000 square feet. Your size should be based on the level of activity you plan to have at your location. Here are some questions to consider:
• How many kilns you will run?
• Where will your kilns vent?
• How many tables do you plan to put in the space and where will they be located?
• Is there enough space for bisque, finished ware, kiln shelves, stilts, posts, and other storage?
• Will you need an office?
• How much counter space you need?
• Where will your paint display and serving area be located?
• Will you offer food and beverages?
• Is your shop handicapped accessible?
• Will you plan to have activities or a room for small children who are not



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