Recipe: Porcelain Clay Slip

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How do I cast slip?

Recipe: Porcelain Clay Slip

Cone 6 Porcelain Clay Slip
Flint 10.0
Ball clay 20.0
Kaolin 20.0
Nepheline Syenite 48.0
Talc 2.0
Water 36.0% of dry amt
Soda Ash 0.05-.1% of dry amt
Sodium Silicate 0.05-.2% of dry amt
Water 36% of dry amt
Darvan No. 7 0.5% of dry amt

This recipe is much less plastic than ceramic slip but has a faster casting rate. It will deflocculate to 1.8 specific gravity also and will fire to produce vitrified ware that is extremely strong and durable. It has a long firing range and can produce ware of excellent translucency with a clean ball clay.



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