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What is a decal?


Place one decal at a time in warm water in a container large enough to allow the decal to be flat. A decal will curl up in the water. In about 15 seconds, check to see if the decal has started to release from the backing paper. If not, allow it to soak until it does start to release, but do not allow the decal to slide off the backing paper into the water. Remove the decal from the water and place it on paper toweling until it flattens again. Make sure the area where the decal will be applied has been cleaned with a damp paper towel. With the backing paper still attached, place the decal into position, face up. Hold the decal in place and gently slide out the backing paper. Use a decal squeegee to gently work out air bubbles from under the decal. Always work from the center toward the edges. Allow the item to dry for 24 hours, then fire it to the recommended temperature. This is usually cone 015-016 for china paint or metallic decals, and cone 022 for glass decals.



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