Access to a kiln

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Access to a kiln

The glazes will be fired, and thus permanent. But that means you need access to a kiln. One place to check is with contemporary ceramics studios. Often they will fire your own pieces for a fee. Another is to check the Kiln Time-sharing listings at There may be a potter in your area who will sell you space in their kiln. Another approach would be to enrol in a community class that has a kiln. And finally, you can buy your own kiln. A small kiln can be had for only a few hundred dollars, and is much more convenient that trying to find space elsewhere. You also have the benefit of total control over the process, so someone else doesn't smudge your design, or drop your piece, for example. These small kilns plug into normal household power, and if you upgrade to a larger kiln later they can be used as test kilns to test glazes.



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